why are *two* ctrl-D's needed with readlines()

Wilhelm Fitzpatrick rafial at well.com
Tue Oct 9 03:10:47 CEST 2001

--- In python-list at y..., Donn Cave <donn at u...> wrote:
> Quoth "Wilhelm Fitzpatrick" <rafial at w...>:
> | So would it be reasonable to report this as a bug?  Certainly, I
> | found the behavior surprising and non-standard...
> So phrasing it as a question - do you see this phenomenon
> when input is already at beginning of line?  If you do,
> then it's a bug.

As clarified in an earlier post, I *do* see the behavior when ctrl-D
is issued at the beginning of the line.  So I guess it's time for me
to go figure out how to submit a bug ;)

> In the present case, I would guess that you have the GNU readline
> module built in, and the bug is some interaction between that
> library, on your version of Linux/glibc, and readlines().

Actually, I first noticed the problem with python 2.0.1 as distributed
in Debian 2.2, which *does not* have readline built in.  I later
confirmed it with 1.5.2 which *did* have readline built in.  So I
believe the issue is unconnected with readline.

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