Python.NET, MONO and Visual Studio etc.

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Sun Oct 28 20:01:17 CET 2001

A while back there was a discussion here about a possible Python.Net and
related matters. I would still like to know if there is any recent
information. Below is my perhaps faulty understanding of what's going
on. I hope maybe others can correct and add to my comments.

ActiveState has a version of Visual Studio for Python that will be
commercially available soon, and this is pretty much a sure thing.
Visual Studio for Python can allow a Python programmer to use the same
VS IDE and programming environment that VB.NET and C#.NET programmers
can use. VS.NET should be officially released real soon, I suppose VS
for Python will follow very shortly after that. Note that this is "just"
an IDE and programming tool-environment, and will not allow Python to
use the CLI or VS. NET compiler.

ActiveState also developed a beta version of a Python.NET that would
allow Python to use the CLI and VS. NET compiler. This effort was led by
Mark Hammond. However, the task is difficult and the first beta was slow
and very feature incomplete. I believe the Perl.Net version is further
along? I do not know if any further development work is on-going or even
planned on Python.NET. I hope so, but I sensed a lot of doubt in the
earlier thread on this newsgroup about the viablity of any Python.NET..

And then there is Mono, the open source .NET clone led by Miguel de
Icaza (sp?) and its home page can be found at
They seem to be making real fast progress on Mono, judging by the info
on their web site that I follow.

Can a MONO.NET be created as easily or, hopefully, even easier , than a
MS Python.NET? Is anyone thinking of creating a Mono.NET?

I think that both a MS Python.NET and an open source Mono.NET would be
very good things for the Python community; offering yet more options for
distributing Python programs and also giving access to yet more
programming tools and environments. Also it would help spread the
popularity of Python.

I know that these are big projects but I wonder if anyone knows if
anyone is doing or planning anything along these lines?

If Python were supported by Jython, MS.NET, Mono, all in addition to the
great PC, Linux, UNIX, and Mac implementations we already have, it would
sure put Python in a strong position. Also, if Python does not take
advantage of this route, others will. The Ruby newsgroup has had a lot
of such discussion about a Ruby.NET (as well as a Java-Ruby version);
and I sense that Perl.Net may be Microsoft's and ActiveStates' first
priorities for scripting languages for .Net.

By the way, I recall Alex Martelli was involved in the previous
discussion of this topic. He is always one of my favorite posters, I
always learn something when I read his posts, no matter what the topic.
I have missed him lately. Does anyone know if he will be back???? Or am
I just missing his posts? Alex, please come back....:-))))))

Ron Stephens

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