"cgipython" or equivalent for Python 2.1.1, NT (IIS4)?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Tue Oct 2 14:27:04 CEST 2001

I've purchased an unlimited-space, unlimited-traffic, just-about-no-
visible-support ISP account (came cheap in a bundle with ADSL to my
home and a .it domain).  They "support" (...well... let's say, they
*have installed*:-) ASP (meaning, I'm sure, VBScript and JScript), PHP,
and CGI via Perl -- period.  No chance to get them to install anything
else for me, of course -- when one buys a year's worth of unlimited
web serving for less than the price of a decent dinner, one can't
expect to get even a few minutes' worth of individualized support:-).
They seem to be running Microsoft IIS 4.0 on SMP NT4 boxes, with the
latest SP's and security hotfixes (no codered vulnerability, wow:-).

Anyway, I do have unlimited space, so I ftp'd the NT version
of cgipython.exe (1.5.2, alas) up to my cgi-bin directory, and
it seems to work just fine.  Now, I'm wondering if anybody ever
built a cgipython-equivalent for NT for Python 2.1.1, which
I'd much rather be running wrt 1.5.2.  I suspect it's a time-
consuming endeavour, judging from the comments & discussion at
http://www.lemburg.com/files/python/mxCGIPython.html, so I'd
rather exploit somebody else's work if available:-).

To summarize, I can upload anything I need to, and run executables
in my cgi-bin (via cgi:-) with "nobody"'s privileges, but that's
about it -- no shell, nothing.  Oh, I _was_ almost forgetting --
the ISP also has installed a Jet DB engine (often misnamed 'Access'),
only available via ADO (intended for use from VBScript ASP's, no
doubt), so if I could also get a COM client working under these
conditions it would *really* be cool...:-).

Thanks in advance for any pointers and advice!


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