Verified Input.

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Oct 18 17:06:05 CEST 2001

In article <4783f0eb.0110171949.125344dc at>, Alec D. Cheah wrote:

> How do verified from input the variable entered is a file or a
> path and how do you check whether it exist or not??

Others have already answered your question.  

We will now address the meta-question...

Some might say that one might not want to directly check such
things.  One just opens the file and reads it.  If the file
doesn't exist or can't be read, then an exception will be
raised.  If you handle such exceptions properly, then you don't
have to add code to check the path before you open it.

If you've never worked in a language with error-handling
facilities, it's something worth thinking about (even if
checking beforehand turns out to be what you want to do).

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