Profiling PyOpenGL

Mike Fletcher mcfletch at
Fri Oct 12 03:23:38 CEST 2001

Profiling the GLUT mainloop is rather difficult, as it's a C loop that only
returns by executing a sys.exit (as mentioned by Georg).  You can, however,
profile a PyGame-hosted PyOpenGL project fairly readily (PyGame doesn't have
a native-code mainloop and it's Python one(s) can easily return as a normal
function would).  I tested by forcing a request for a PyGame context in one
of the OpenGLContext tests and then using to call MainLoop.

Of course, swapping contexts is sometimes not an option, but if you're early
in the project and PyGame is available on your platforms, using it might
work for you.


BTW, posting to the SourceForge PyOpenGL list is probably the fastest way to
get a response on PyOpenGL-specific questions like this.

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Hello python-list,

why can't I profile PyOpenGL application using profile module?
but it prints nothing unless I remove glutMainLoop call.

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