profiler results for __getattr__, am I reading this correctly ?

Anthony Baxter anthony at
Wed Oct 17 09:24:21 CEST 2001

>>> "Tim Peters" wrote
> If volunteers materialize to produce another bugfix release, I'm sure we'll
> (PythonLabs) be happy to ship it (cut docs, installers, etc).  It's curious
> that neither Aahz (2.0.1) nor Thomas Wouters (2.1.1) volunteered for a
> second round of this rewarding work <wink>.

What is the process likely to be for this?

The major component of work would be deciding which patches and fixes
were deserving of 2.1.2, yes? How is the decision made - those things 
that are only bugfixes? Only "critical" bugfixes? Or is it a matter of
trawling the CVS commit messages since 2.1.1... ?

Anthony, curious.

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