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Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Oct 30 07:45:41 CET 2001

Jeffrey Dunnett wrote:
> A.J. Rossini (rossini at wrote:
> : Too bad you aren't designing Phase I vaccine trials; dose typos are a
> : killer, there... :-).

> That typo was on purpose.  However I think we are starting to kill each
> other with the type O  puns.
> Also to the person who asked if the course I am taking involving Python
> was taught by Prof. Stefan Kremer why do you ask?  Do you know him?  I
> did have him for my first year C Programming course.

Friend from high school.  I saw him again in the early summer and 
asked specifically if U. Moo (**) was still teaching Java to the 
newbies, or whether they might consider Python as a much more suitable 
language.  I believe he didn't recognize the name, but indicated
it sounded interesting and he'd look into it.  I just thought it
would be neat if I were responsible for getting it in the door,
but it seems more likely others had already thought of it.
(Although I wonder for how long it's been taught there.)

> BTW - This newsgroup is slighly friendly to people then comp.lang.c

We may be friendly in a sly way, but we've never been even 
slightly slighly friendly. :-)

** U. Moo, for those cowering in the other, sillier part of this
thread, is a nickname for the University of Guelph, a highly
agriculturally focused school.  (On a side-note, the story is
that to get to Guelph, you "drive west till you smell it, 
and north till you step in it." <0.9 wink> )

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