Is there a small Python runtime environment installer?

Enrique ecastro at
Fri Oct 19 11:33:37 CEST 2001

Hi Tex

Tex Riddell wrote:
> I have some useful scripts that I'd like to share with someone that
> doesn't have Python.  He doesn't want to install all of Python right
> now (like examples, utilities, source, IDE's and tk - yuck), he'd
> rather just have an executable or install a simple runtime library and
> run my script.
I think this only requires the python.exe, or better the
pytonw.exe, compiler and the dlls and pyd in the [DLL]
subdir of your current distribution: around 3MB, not a lot
of overhead.  But you cannot import external modules.
Including [lib] subdir is another 5MB. 

Add any other module (Numeric, PIL, mx etc) you may need.
What is "core" for me may be overkill for you. 

> I only know of two main distributions of python and each are made for
> people developing with python.  Is there a simple, compact, binary
> distribution available anywhere?
> Ideally, I'd like to see a binary shared library, compiled for the
> target platform, with a minimum of external dependencies.  Hopefully,
> with support scripts (for standard features) compiled to byte code and
> compressed or at least clumped together in a single file (or a few
> files, one for each larger feature area).
> More specifically I'm looking for something for the windows
> environment, but one should be able to make something like this
> multi-platform, right?
> How can we expect python to become more mainstream if only developers
> can understand the environment that must be set up for scripts to run?
> I really don't have time to learn distutils (re-inventing the wheel
> that I'm sure so many have done) in order to install a runtime
> environment on someone's machine so they can run a simple 8k script.
> -Tex

Reading your replies to other posts, you may want to share
more than one 8k script. One for now, perhaps several others
in a near future.  
I think the more sensible advice is asking your friend to
install a regular python distribution. 
Its simple and straight forward. And 40-70 MB of HD space is
no problem nowadays.
In this way your are sure he can use anything you share with
him, and you may encourage him to actually write some code.

If you insist in having the smaller "runtime" as possible,
simply make your own. You can collect the required files
(only you can know which files are used by your script) in a
zip archive and write an installation routine with free Inno
Setup. That requires some time (no more than a couple of
hours). I think the Python Licence allows you to distribute
such a version, as long as you preserve the copyright and
licence notice (read it carefully).


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