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>> What I have in my mind is not necessarily UI related. In VB, objects
>> can raise events, objects interested in the events will handle them.
>> Thats a very simple mechanism, facilitates easy coding in many
>> situations, even if its just a console application with no GUI at all.
>> They are similar to exceptions but they return to the caller and they
>> can have parameters/return values of any kind.
>that sound like an "observer pattern" for me.... it is a common thing to do 
>in OO languages. it's not a feature of a language but more a idea that can 
>be implemented in various ways and languages.
Yes and no.  Tcl, for example, prides itself
on its event-oriented capabilities.  A com-
plement to your description is to regard
threads, events, co-routines, ... as alter-
native concurrency constructs.

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