.NET funny bit

DeepBlue DeepBlue at DeepBlue.org
Tue Oct 9 18:22:08 CEST 2001

In the latest issue of Visual Studio magazine, a writer (I forgot his name)
complains that .NET does not offer through Application and Session objects a
collection of keys and their values for a collection of Form elements
(elements of a form and their values).
I could not help but laugh.  Maybe someone should send the Microsoft gee
whiz wunder kids a copy of the Python CGI module, maybe they can use the
FieldStorage() class in their next release of .NET and claim its ownership
along the way.
Excuse my sarcasm, but reading through the last issue was a disturbing
experience as a picture of .NET emerges as a recycling of termenology done
with such bombastic fervor as though Microsoft has invented the Web and the
They just missed supporting a Dictionary like structure to keep the Form
elements and their values at a user's disposal :)

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