Off-topic: hiding your email address - don't bother...

Markus Schaber markus at
Mon Oct 1 00:21:40 CEST 2001


Tim Peters < at> schrub:

> Guido did post that, and the reason is obvious if you're Guido <wink>.
>  I don't have to channel him here, cuz the same goes for me, although
> I've
> rarely bothered to say so:  If you reply to a lot of tech posts, often
> you just want to give someone a one-liner nudge in the right
> direction, sometimes you want to share a gripe in private, and so on
> -- replies that may have value to the original poster but aren't of
> general interest.

Yes, exactly.

My thinking is: "If you don't want a reply, you don't get one".

And making it difficult to reply is a sure sign you don't want a reply.

Also, most e-mail address collecting robots can automatically delete 
nospam etc. In case of doubt, they include both (or more) variations.
(I sometimes even got spam addressed at Message-IDs - thanks to the 
mail catch-all on my domain).

Two friends of mine just got their individual spam filtering method:

The first one uses a mail address that contains nospam in two places:
user.nospam at nospam.domain.tld. However, all four combinations (deleting 
none, either or both nospam) go to valid mail addresses, and are 
processed by the same MDA. All mails are delayed some time, and if a 
mail arrives at more than one address, it sorted into a special folder 
he sorts manually every week or so.

The second, Nico, has an email catch-all on his subdomain, and his MTA 
and NNTP-Proxy generate a new, unique address for each outgoing message.
Now, whenever an incoming mail arrives for more than 2 addresses, he 
deletes the first two deliveries, and the current and any further 
delivery attempt gets caught in a "teergrube". He had this in a test 
phase where he didn't delete his mails for 2 months, and he didn't 
catch any non-spam, and only two spams did pass.

However, both setups need some sophisticated mail setup, and not 
everyone does have access to such one.


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