how tu utilize win32com?

Carl Caulkett carlca at
Sun Oct 28 17:22:39 CET 2001

In article <9rh8u5$tsa at>, rxg218 at says...
> Hi,
>   I've been programming in Python on Linux for some time now and I was 
> getting bugged by the lack of propter scripting on Windows. So I installed 
> the Activestate Python on my Win machine - however how can I utilize the 
> win32com module. Where can I go fo a list of available methods, say for, a 
> win32com.client.Dispatch("Word.Application") object? Similarly for 
> constants and so on. Are there any tutorials on this topic?
> I've never done any Windows programming before, so this is totally new for 
> me. Any suggestions would be really appreciated

Hi Rajarshi,

If you use the makepy utility, PythonWin will display properties and 
methods of the COM object in the editor's dropdown list when you type 

Info available here (mind the wordwrap):


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