help: Crossplattform audio functionality in Python

Olov Johansson olov_johansson_not_for_sale at
Thu Oct 11 17:03:37 CEST 2001

Hello all,
I recently had my first serious look at Python and like it for many reasons.
I'm trying to get a grip on it's capabilities and limits and as a result of

How is the crossplatform sound support? From what I found in the
documentation (2.1.1) there is Al (SGI), sunaudiodev (SunOS) and winsound
(win32 and very limited). I want something that gives me a soundbuffer I can
write to, and I'd like it to work on at least Linux (OSS/ALSA) and Windows.

Are there any plans for implementing a crossplatform audio library in future
versions of python? Can i contribute by making windows-versions of available
libraries, or is someone working on that already? Perhaps extending libao
and including it into python would be a good idea? writing win32 and mac
compatibility to libao should be easy and i could provide at least win32 if

Olov Johansson

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