Controlling the Opera browser under UNIX

Markus Schaber markus at
Thu Oct 11 19:23:39 CEST 2001


Jaroslav Gergic <jaroslav_gergic at> schrub:

> The webbrowser module in the Python 2.1 does not
> support the Opera browser directly.
> Did anybody solve this problem (i.e. implemented
> a controller class which can effectively control the Opera
> browser?
> Saying effectively I mean the controller does not
> spawn a new process for each "open-an-URL" request
> but it uses some IPC to re-use the process already running.

It should not be too difficult to write this, as long as one can 
execute the opera binary with additional command line options.

As far as I know, opera can interpret the same command line remote 
control options as Netscape.

"opera -newwindow %s" % url 
works just fine for me (opens a new opera if none is present, and
tells already running operas to open a new window).


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