How To compile Python without any module.

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Wed Oct 17 18:58:50 CEST 2001

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> > I want to build a Python interrpreter without any module build in,
> > because i havn't enought RAM space.
> > How must i do?
> If you don't have enough RAM for modules, you won't have enough for
> Modules and Python are inextricably linked.
> I think you need to explain your requirements a bit better.
> Tim Delaney

You right, It was not very well explain.
(English isn't my natural language so it is a bit hard for me ;-)
In fact i don't need the build in modules like sys.
So how could i built python with out the build in modules.
I want to use Python on 8Mo of Flash and 16Mo of RAM.

Thank You.

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