Martin von Loewis loewis at
Wed Oct 17 16:16:04 CEST 2001

"Michael Armbruster" <michael_armbruster at> writes:

> could you please tell me, what I would have to do
> with the dos extender.
> My aim is to boot pc with dos by FD. Then
> I have to execute the built standalone app.
> Could you imagine that this would be possible
> with the DOS extender?

You need a compiler that supports DOS extenders, such as djgpp. Then,
your entire program would a be 32-bit executable (and thus require a
386, minimum). The DOS extender would be either incorporated into your
DOS program, or be shipped along with the main application.

If you want to compile Python on your own as a 16-bit application,
good luck. There are old MSVC 1.5 makefiles to build a 16-bit Windows
application, maybe they can be of use. I'd rather recommend that you
look for a Python 1.2 or so source distribution: Don't worry about the
features you lose, since you couldn't use them in 640k, anyway.


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