Documentation for tkFileDialog [WAS: [comp.lang.python] Re: tkinter - tkFileDialog - how to get dir instead of file]

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at
Wed Oct 31 14:22:06 CET 2001

Brian Elmegaard wrote:

> No answer down the thread, so I hope a new thread may help.
> Ulrich Goertz <u at> writes:
>> > to get this from the standard module "tkFileDialog".
> huh! tkFileDialog, that's interesting. I have read the life preserver,
> Fredrik introduction, and the New Mexico reference, and I have never
> found this mentioned before. I have been thinking and thinking, how to
> make one. Now it seems it is a standard widget, but just undocumented.
> Is this the case? Are there more super widgets I do not know after
> reading the above mentioned?
> TIA,

In short YES;-)

I 'found' this and other modules in the standard library 

Plus lots of extra Tkinter stuff in the vaults:

User interface / GUI / Tkinter .....

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