python and HTML integration

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Fri Oct 5 12:19:53 CEST 2001

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> [Peter I. Hansen]
> > What is the best way to integrate Python i HTML ? Besides Zope.
> > I've looked at PyML and Poor mans Zope, but I would like to hear
> > oppinions from someone who actually does this for real
> Hello, Peter.
> I'm pretty sure that Zope, and many other avenues, are all "for real"! :-)
> For one, I did not feel ready for Zope, and developed my own solution for
> "active" HTML, quickly written, and surprisingly powerful.  Python much helps
> simple projects to take the road.  If your needs are modest, it might be
> equally easy to do something, or choose and study something done elsewhere.

I would recommend that anyone wanting a document template/production
framework or a Web development environment look at the modules
currently in existence and evaluate whether such modules are suitable
before considering writing their own. To start with, take a look at...

There have been a lot of new HTML template/production modules released
recently, but I wouldn't go and develop something new when there's
something which is almost exactly what I want available from some
server somewhere.


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