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Mon Oct 29 10:18:55 CET 2001

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> Christy J wrote:
> >
> > I need a binary search tree in python that uses classes. I'm trying to
> > count words from a file and spit out the number of times they occur
> > and in alphabetical order. I got  bintree[ [key, data], left, right]
> > but don't know how to implement using classes.
> I'd be interested to hear which school is teaching with Python.
> Schools progressive enough to take a chance (a small one, mind
> you, but they don't usually seem to think so) on something
> not mainstream (i.e. not Java) are few and far between.
Strange how the mention of "school" and "homework" seems to have stopped the
original poster from responding on BOTH threads. This is a pity, since is one of the few groups where creative help (although not canned
solutions) might be available.

Guess it was the canned solution that was sought <wink>


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