Is this a tiny bug?

Magnus Lie Hetland mlh at
Mon Oct 8 00:49:58 CEST 2001

"Julius Welby" <jwelby at> wrote in message
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> In Idle, when I use the tuple(sequence) built in function, the "tip" that
> pops up when I open the bracket is:
> tuple(sequence) -> list
> which surprised me, as I expected:
>  tuple(sequence) -> tuple.
> The function obviously works fine, but I wondered what controls the "tip",
> and if this is a mistake.

Indeed a bit odd... Especially if you compare this "tip", the first
line of the docstring, with the rest:

  >>> print tuple.__doc__
  tuple(sequence) -> list

  Return a tuple whose items are the same as those of the argument sequence.
  If the argument is a tuple, the return value is the same object.

I'd say this is quite clearly an error.

> Just wondered.
> Julius


  Magnus Lie Hetland

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