python + xml performance compared to Java and C++ ??

Brian Quinlan BrianQ at
Mon Oct 15 19:54:42 CEST 2001

Markus wrote:
> hello
> does anyone have experiences how fast xml processing
> and XSLT processing with python (using PyXML and 4Suite tools)
> is, compared to Java and C++ (using the apache tools, like
> Xalan, Xerces....)

Fortunately, there are two projects that are working on providing
bridges between the C++ versions of Xalan and Xerces and Python:

Pyana is focused on providing Xalan's transformation capabilities to
Python scripts:

Pirxx is focused on providing an interface to Xerces, right now it
only provides SAX2 drivers but work is on-going:
(don't know where the docs are)


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