Python in The Economist's "Technology Quarterly", September 22

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Sep 28 22:43:22 CEST 2001

A bit tangentially, but... if you subscribe to their online edition you can 
read the story at:
In the print edition, it's page 14 of "Technology Quarterly" in the middle 
of the September 22 printed Economist.  "A lingua franca for the Internet" 
is the title, and the article purports to be mostly about the clash between 
Java and C#, but...

The article *starts* with a mention of '''weighty tomes with titles such as 
"UML in a Nutshell" and "Programming Python"''' -- Sinan Si Alhir and Mark 
Lutz, and O'Reilly who publishes them both, must be grateful for being 
singled out like this (particularly in a publication co-owned by Pearson, 
also owner of their worthy competitor New Riders!-).

Later on it talks about languages "flexible and adaptable to the needs of 
the Internet: examples incude Perl, a language that can be used to 
communicate between a web server and its clients, and Python, a language 
used, among other things, for managing discussion forums on the Internet".
I particularly like how they used the "among other things" for Python and 
NOT for Perl:-).

Overall not quite as good an article as I've come to expect from "The 
Economist" over the years, but still pretty good if you can get it...


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