[ANN] SkunkWeb 3.1 Beta 2 released!

Drew Csillag drew_csillag at geocities.com
Mon Sep 24 18:47:05 CEST 2001

Release 3.1 Beta 2 of The SkunkWeb Web Application Server has just
been released.

The release is available from the SkunkWeb home page at

or directly from 

What's new? (from 3.0)
* Major performance tweaks.  Should now be about 30% faster overall.
* Now supports FastCGI
* PyDO improvements (mainly PostgreSQL related)
* new service - userdir - which makes it so that requests to /~user/foo
  will go to <users_home_directory>/public_html/foo
* print statements in <:call:> tags now work.
* <:call:> tag now handles multiline expr argument properly.  Now you
  can do things like:
<:call `def foo(x):
   return 'the value is %s' % x
print foo(3)`:>

Very best wishes to all,



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