large class hierarchies in python

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Mon Sep 10 22:31:03 CEST 2001

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Jon wrote:

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> APL is justly regarded as a language we don't need to know about any more
> (mainly because modern keyboards don't have enough keys for it :-) )...
> but just in case you are interested, take a look here:
> A+ is a language grown out of APL, developed by people from Morgan
> Stanley (the investment bank). There is a GPLed interpreter system which
> you can download from that site.

Ken Iverson, the designer of APL, went on to make J (which has no funny

Yes, it still looks like line noise (this program, partly written by the
Iverson dynasty itself, was a runner-up in the ICFP functional programming

> If you are intested in even more esoteric languages, you might want to
> look at the Cat's Eye Technologies website:
> part of which is a collection of esoteric programming language --
> including two really beautiful ones: Befunge (2D source code), and

I think this guy wins *that* contest :-)

(the original page appears to be dead atm, this is the Google cache of it)

It's Befunge interpreter (and IDE, if you can believe that), written in
Inform, which itself compiles into Z-code, the format used by Infocom for
their text adventure games way back in prehistoric times.  The web page
shows "ZBefunge, ironically running a simple text adventure".

On the question of more practical languages, there are several
logic-programming languages that are being actively developed at the
moment, both these look very interesting:


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