Cygwin Python -- Thread or not to thread...

Robinow, David drobinow at
Tue Sep 25 17:29:13 CEST 2001

 setup supports experimental versions.  This seems like a good candidate.
That is, release your new version without threading.
Then follow it, as experimental, with the same thing, thread-enabled.

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> From: Jason Tishler [mailto:jason at]
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> So I am asking the Cygwin Python community the following:
>     Should I still release my next Cygwin Python distribution with
>     threading enabled?  Or, should I continue to disabled threading
>     until the above known Cygwin pthreads issue is resolved?
> There are advantages and disadvantages to either choice.  By 
> releasing a
> threaded Cygwin Python, more people will be able to exercise Cygwin's
> pthreads support which will help test the implementation.  This is
> especially important on 9x/Me since I don't access to these platforms
> and hence, have never personally tested Cygwin Python on them.  The
> downside is siccing a (buggy) threaded Cygwin Python on the general
> public may result in significant heartache.
> The more conservative approach is to continue to release Cygwin Python
> with threading disabled until the known Cygwin pthreads issue 
> is resolved.
> Unfortunately, it maybe sometime before the race condition is 
> prevented
> (i.e., the fix is non-trivial):
> So Cygwin Python users that need threading may have to continue to be
> patience for an undetermined amount of time.
> Please post your opinions instead of sending private email, so others
> can see how a consensus (if any) was determined.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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