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Thu Sep 6 13:46:49 CEST 2001

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> François Pinard <pinard at> wrote:
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> > My real end goal is using Python instead of LISP for an extension
> > for Emacs, as needed.  I'm jealous of "vim" users! :-)
> Me too, I even tried to wrap my mind to dig the modes of vim, but in vain.

I think that's because the mind is not the part that learns the modes: it's
rather the fingers.  If I stop to think out "what mode am I in" when
my performance drops to even lower than it is with non-vi-based editors --
I just let my fingers fly and keep my mind on more strategically oriented
issues, such as "what am I supposed to be writing about", then the speed
is excellent and my hands don't get tired as they do with other editors...

It's like walking -- if you think about exactly where and how you should
be moving and placing each foot, you'll walk slowly and haltingly; your
_feet_ are the parts of you that really knows about walking's low-level
issues, so, use your mind for strategic overview instead, don't let it
micro-manage the feet, and stroll happily along:-).


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