Python and Zope

Oleg Broytmann phd at
Tue Sep 11 09:46:22 CEST 2001

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 11:30:12PM +0000, Tim Hammerquist wrote:
> >    We are talking about "Apache vs web-application servers". In this
> > context modules are so like CGIs (forked and killed) so I don't need to
> > make a distinction.
> We probably just have a Point-Of-View problem.  I'm thinking of CGI in
> the strict sense of an application designed to produce web content using
> STD filehandles and environment variables.  In all fairness, my ftpd
> conforms to your (most recent) definition of CGI, as do half of the
> daemons on my system.

   In this "web-application server" context - they are! :) Because thay
cannot hold a persistent DB connection.

> I probably took offense to the picture you painted of Apache, being a
> ruthless, discompassionate Nazi of a daemon, kill arbitrarily, which
> is, of course, not true.

   If I have a module that have opened DB connection - how can I prevent
Apache from killing the child (because I want to hold that connection

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