missing class PiddleWxDc(piddle.Canvas) - newbie question

Kevin Jacobs jacobs at darwin.epbi.cwru.edu
Tue Sep 18 14:49:36 CEST 2001

Stilian Trifonov <stilian at bigfoot.com> wrote:
> I installed py21-pil-1.1.2-20010910.exe and I tried to run piddleWxDcDemo.py
> (from http://darwin.cwru.edu/~pjacobs/ ) but I received an error about
> missing class piddle.Canvas. I assumed I should change 'piddle' to 'Image'
> but there is no Canvas class in Image.py either. What am I missing?

Wow!  I didn't think anyone was using that anymore.  I'd certainly forgotten
it even existed.  Anyhow, speaking for my brother Paul, you need the Piddle
and wxPython.  HOWEVER, the code was written well over a year ago and the
wxPython API may have changed significantly since then.  I sugges that you
send e-mail to pjacobs @ penguin.no-spam-theopalgroup-no-spam.com (after
removing the spaces and no-spam's) if you have any additional problems.


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