Python parsers that parse Java?

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You can also use Jython to convert your Python scripts to Java code right


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> Hi Kevin,
>    If you want to do it right you should not execute java source. OK, may
> you can but if they call an api how will you handle it? Also you can
> parser bugs.
>    What you should do is to execute the java program (its bytecodes) in a
> java virtual machine.
>    You have two options.
>     Number one is Jython which is python in java, it runs
> a jvm and it intercases in a really easy way with java. Take a look and
> if it works for you. If so it is the easiest and best way to do it.
>     The second, but less recomendable is to instanciate a jvm from a C
> program (interfaced with java). Download the java jdk and you will see
> source that lets you intancitate and call it from a C program.
> Chau,
> Gaston
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> Subject: Python parsers that parse Java?
> > Is there a readily availble parser written in Python that can parse
> > java code?  I'm forced to use java for a project, and would like to
> > automate some code generation with Python.  I don't have a lot of time
> > to devote to this, so something ready to go would be best.
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> > Thanks
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