Web Application Servers in Python: Hopeful Monsters ?

George Planansky george_planansky at harvard.edu
Mon Sep 3 19:00:58 CEST 2001

The current situation with pythonic web software seems analogous to
the evolutionary situation that pertains with the opening of a new
biological niche, as e.g. with the denizens of the Burgess Shale,
ca. 600 m.y. B.P. .  That makes Zope, Webware, et. al., pythonic
"Hopeful Monsters".

Small comfort to those wondering which horse to ride.  A better 
question might be, "Which trilobite?".

For more on the Burgess Fauna etc., S. Gould's paperbacks
are a good read.  For a fine read on on objects and methods from a 
bioware p.o.v., check out:

Apologies in advance to the ICR types reading this who will be
wondering, "How in hell did I end up in a comp.lang list?" . :)

"Thomas Weholt" <thomas at gatsoft.no> wrote:

> My experience with the ones I've tested ( Zope and Webware ) is that if you
> can find either products ( in zope ) or allready existing features in the
> system that fits your needs, you might get productive rather quick. If you
> on the other hand want to develop highly customized solutions you might have
> to invest more time and possibly money. How you like to work, if you like
> using *SP-based solutions like DHTML in Zope and PSP and Webware etc. will
> also play a big part in deciding what package you want to use. I think
> Webware and Zope work just fine if you're way of working is compatible with
> the concept behind one of those packages.
> I found Zope too complex, almost bloated, Webware was interesting and showed
> alot of promise, but failed to invoke serious interest. I've started
> developing my own application server based on Medusa and take parts of the
> concept behind Zope, Webware, other Java-based application servers like
> Tomcat and Enhydra and it's coming along nicely, soon becoming ready for a
> beta-release. I wanted 100% control of my code, complete seperation of
> design and code, "web-components", simpler user/access-management etc. and
> at the same time learn how it all worked, that's why I decided to create a
> new project.
> Perhaps no real answer to your question, but ...
> Thomas
> "Weet Vanniks" <Weet.Vanniks at el_simpatico.be> wrote in message
> news:3B9364F8.2C477597 at el_simpatico.be...
> > The subject title says it all or almost ...
> > There seems to exist a great offering:
> > Zope, Bobo, Webware,SkunkWeb, Quixote,Twisted, etc...
> > This makes my choice very difficult. Can I get an unbiased opinion about
> > the merits of each of these solutions. I've been told that Zope is
> > complex and that Webware is great. Could you confirm ?
> > Thanks for helping me out.
> >
> > Weet
> >

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