Packaging problem[py2exe, Inno setup] - pywintypes.com_error

Radhika Bodapatla rbodapatla at
Wed Sep 26 20:09:54 CEST 2001

My application[, on winNT4.0] uses
win32com.client.dynamic.Dispatch("Excel.Application")]  and also
xml.sax for xml parsing.
I create a file:
from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
I run it using py2exe:
python py2exe -p _xmlplus,win32com
This creates 2folders build and dist. In the dist folder it creates
eclient folder in which it has the eclient.exe and other .dlls. Also
creates a folder tcl with 2more folders in it- tcl8.3 and tk8.3.
Then I use Inno setup[I only include the files in the dist folder] to
create my .exe so that I can install it on a machine that doesn't have
python installed on it.
But this is the error I get when I try to run it from another machine:
Traceback <most recent call last>:
  File "<string>", line 332, in ?
  File "<string>", line 12, in __init__
  File "win32com\client\__init__.pyc, line 94, in Dispatch
  File "win32com\client\dynamic.pyc, line 81, in
  File "win32com\client\dynamic.pyc, line 72, in _GetGoodDispatch
pywintypes.com_error: (-2147221005, 'Invalid class string', None,

I tried using the --force-imports win32com option but with no luck.
It runs fine on my machine[ofcourse, I have python installed] I tried
changing the path & pythonpath and also renamed the win32com folder on
my machine and the .exe still runs fine on my machine.
Any help or tips appreciated.
Thank you.

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