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Sounds like your describing a toolsmith....

>From Jargon File (4.2.3, 23 NOV 2000) : 

  toolsmith n.  The software equivalent of a tool-and-die
  specialist; one who specializes in making the tools with which other
  programmers create applications.  Many hackers consider this more
  fun than applications per se; to understand why, see uninteresting.
  Jon Bentley, in the "Bumper-Sticker Computer Science" chapter of his
  book "More Programming Pearls", quotes Dick Sites from DEC as saying
  "I'd rather write programs to write programs than write programs".

( is very handy!)

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Me parece que Alex Martelli <aleax at> dijo:

> We're supposed to make it *LOOK* that way, yes, but, hey, deep
> down many of us aren't driven by *application needs* in tinkering
> with tools.

Very true. A friend of mine once remarked "Computer
scientists are people who spend all their time writing
programs to help them write other programs."

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