importing symbols from module objects

Markus Schaber markus at
Wed Sep 26 17:53:54 CEST 2001


Peter Hansen <peter at> schrub:

>> Hey, that ought to work.  I'm the one that missed something.  I'm not
>> totally used to this exceptions=classes=instances stuff yet.  Now I
>> have to wonder what "from foo import bar as parrot" really does.
>> Maybe pretty much the same thing.  Anyway, thanks, I'll give it a
>> try.
> It does this:
> from foo import bar
> parrot = bar
> del bar

Is this really true?

With containing:

def f():
  print "hello"

I did the following in python 2.0.1 interactive mode:
>>> a = 1
>>> f = 2
>>> from a import f as x
>>> print a,f,x
1 2 <function f at 0x805c384>

Given your definition, f would be overwritten with the function and 
then deleted, thus not be bound to 2 any more.

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