Python and Zope

Andrew Murray mr.murray at
Sun Sep 9 07:18:52 CEST 2001

Frankly I was pretty unimpressed with Zope. After one gets over the
'gee-whiz' factor,
I've found that the learning curve behind Zope and the relative
non-portability of the code you
must write for it far outweigh the benefits (what are they again btw?) of
using Zope.

If you've used mod_perl, mod_php or mod_python before, I'd suggest going
that route.

Andrew Murray
"Ken Egervari" <ken at> wrote in message
news:vLAm7.129206$n75.31076306 at
> How realistic is it to make large, corporate websites and extranets using
> Zope?  It is it better to just use Python and a regular web server?  (like
> say,,  Basically anything that sapient or
> razorfish does.

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