(beginner) question on threads...

Fred Pacquier fredp at mygale.org.nospam
Mon Sep 3 18:45:05 CEST 2001

Markus Schaber <markus at schabi.de> said :

>> Is there not a better way ? Some tool that will build a picture of a
>> class from its code, with all its methods and attributes, inherited or
>> not ? 
> That's _really_ difficult in python, because one can add methods or 
> attributes to classes even at run-time, depending on user input or 
> random generators :-)
> But the usual, statically written in source way, it should be possible, 
> I've seen something like this in the Delphi environment, as pop-down 
> menu in the editor.

On the one hand, I'm glad to learn my way of exploring is not so dumb after 
all. OTOH, I'm sadly disappointed that there is no magic bullet :-)

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