COMServer thru Py2Exe question !!

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Tue Sep 25 21:53:23 CEST 2001

"Sunit Joshi" <sjoshi at> wrote in message news:8f8ffe67.0109251142.43246129 at
> Hello COM Gurus:
> I have a small problem: I can get VB6 to instantiate a PyCom object
> created thru py2exe. However each time I try to create the COM Server,
> a DOS window flashes for a second, I guess because of the line
> D:\PROGRA~1\TestCom\testCom.exe {3882ECFF-3B74-4444-BB47-BDC2285CEB95}
> where the testCom.exe is run.
> Is there any way of getting rid/minimizing the DOS window ??
> thanks
> Sunit
Simply build with the -w (or --windows) command line flag
to suppress the DOS box:

python py2exe -w



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