COM/CORBA/DCOP (was: Hello people. I have some questions)

Paul Rubin phr-n2001 at
Sat Sep 1 03:08:04 CEST 2001

Bruce Sass <bsass at> writes:
> Another faction (KDE) has DCOP.  They started out using CORBA, iirc,
> but then went their own way.  Is DCOP even fancier than CORBA, or
> are they just being different?.  Is it possible to get COM, CORBA, and
> DCOP to talk to each other?

I don't know anything about DCOP but my guess is that it's closer to
COM than CORBA.  Most people considered CORBA too heavyweight for
connecting desktop apps and were surprised that ORBit (the Gnome ORB)
was able to get as good performance as it does.

> I'm hoping Alex M. gets his Linux systems setup soon and starts
> delving into the matter.

Yes, that will be interesting.  

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