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>> No, it is: |(java.util.PropertyPermission * read,write)|
>> Preventing Robot Loader from access: (java.util.PropertyPermission *
>> read,write)
>> No, it is: |(java.util.PropertyPermission user.dir read)|
>> Preventing Robot Loader from access: (java.util.PropertyPermission
>> read)
>This is a similar results to my efforts.  Interestingly, the permission
>errors seemed to disappear upon reordering the classpath - no idea why.  But
>then, my robot failed as my (your) pyrobot classs wasn't a subclass of
>Robot.  Ooops, I wasn't linking in the robocode.jar.  When I changed that
>back, I could no longer 'jythonc' my code.  Frustrating.  I'll try again
>with a more controlled approach.  Good luck to you.

I'm able to jythonc my code but I get similar errors to those above. I'm
using IBM's JDK 1.3 under Linux.

You can tell whether you've got the classpath right for jythonc as it
prints out whether the robot you've created is a subclass of
robocode.Robot or java.lang.Object.

I think the permissions errors are coming from the Java security
manager: robots are probably not allowed to access the filesystem but
Jython is attempting to access its own cache directory. Knowing very
little about Java or Jython, I don't know whether there's anything we
can do about this.

Did you find an ordering of the classpath which would enable you to run
jythonc correctly and avoid the permission errors?

On the licence issue, the author notes that there is nothing in the
licence preventing you from downloading again after the 90 days are up
(hint, hint). He also states that as the thing is in quite rapid
development, you'll want to get updates anyway.

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