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Brian Quinlan BrianQ at
Thu Sep 13 00:36:16 CEST 2001

> I'm trying to read records from a 2 GB datafile, but my brain has
> stopped working, so I was wondering if someone has allready 
> solved this problem. The records are variable length and are 
> separated by a five character delimiter. I was trying to use 
> with a blocksize of ~1Mb, but got a serious 
> brainfart when trying to think of how to handle the case where 
> only part of the delimiter was read in the current block.

Here is some pseudo-code to get you started:

data = ''
records = []

while 1:    
    readData =
    if not readData:
    data += readData 
    partialRecords = data.split('12345')
    records += partialRecords[:-1] # Last record is incomplete
    data = records[-1]

if data:
	# Hmmm, there is still data left over, probably bad

The basic idea is that you use split to collect as many records as
possible and just keep the left-over partial record for the next
round. Let me know if you need clarification.

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