Generators and exceptions (was Re: Stackless Python and Python 2.x)

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>> The part I don't understand (though if I had access to 2.2a2, I could
>> probably test it easily enough) is what happens when you re-enter a
>> generator and trigger an exception (an exception that isn't
>> StopIteration, for any smartasses out there).
>Nothing special:  the exception is caught by the frame or not, and if not
>propagates out of the frame.  Generators do nothing special at all here, and
>since they always return to their immediate invoker, there are no debatable
>issues about *which* frame *to* propagate an uncaught exception (general
>coroutines are muddier in this respect, and general continuations even

Okay, I've re-read PEP 255, and I'm still not clear on what happens with
the following code:

def a():
    yield 1
    raise "foo"
    yield 2

def b():
    return a()

g = b()

(If I've messed up the syntax, please feel free to correct it before
answering; I *think* my intent is clear enough.)
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