COM/CORBA/DCOP (was: Hello people. I have some questions)

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Sep 3 13:21:10 CEST 2001

"Paul Rubin" <phr-n2001 at> wrote in message
news:7xsne7en0r.fsf at
> Bruce Sass <bsass at> writes:
> > I'm hoping Alex M. gets his Linux systems setup soon and starts
> > delving into the matter.
> Yes, that will be interesting.

Alex M. has determined he needs a *solid*, _minimalistic_
router/firewall/proxy setup first, and so he has (for the
moment) turned to OpenBSD, where he's reveling in the sheer
purity of implementing a light-maintenance-load, *secure*,
high-performance firewall-etc setup on a Pentium-90,
64-MB, 2GB-disk, 2-ISA-NIC's found lying around in a
dustbin somewhere (the only concession to featuritis
being, obviously, a Python 2 installation!-).

A.M.'s expected to be back to the features-rich, GUI-rich,
Athlon-1.33GHz-at-a-minimum world of Windows-XYZ, Linux
Mandrake/RedHat/SUSE, etc, reasonably soon (don't be
surprised if XPCOM is what he ends up exploring in that
realm, though:-).  But, boy, the *joys* of ipf and ipnat
versus IPTables (and let's not even mention ipchains,
ipfwadm, etc, nor, of course, the utter lack of any such
indispensable tools as part of Win32 protocol stacks!-)...


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