McMillan Installer or Py2Exe?

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Thu Sep 13 11:49:36 CEST 2001

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 David Bolen <db3l at> wrote:

> web.mail at (Alan Green) writes:
> > We've used the McMillan Installer very successfully, but we're just
> > starting a new project and there also seems to be quite a buzz around
> > py2exe.
> > 
> > Has anybody experience of both the McMillan Installer and Py2Exe and
> > care to comment on their relative strengths?
> My suggestion is to grab each, and then try to use it for the
> application in question.  My impression has been that they are both
> very functional, but that sometimes one does better than the other for
> a particular scenario, or that they sometimes leapfrog each other in
> handling strange and interesting import cases.
> For my personal use, I've tried each and have stuck with installer,
> since it's always worked for me, and on my last attempt at a
> comparison it built an application of mine without any problems while
> I had difficulties with py2exe.  But others on this group have
> reported exactly the opposite results, and it's not much effort to
> give each a shot, so getting direct experience may be the best.
> And if one seems more complicated or less understandable to you than
> the other, that's another metric for your own comparison :-)

I've got to vote for Gordon's Installer...

As people have said, try both and see what results you end up
with....  But as I've said, Gordon's package can look intimidating due 
to all the customizable features but 90-95% of the time, you'll never 
need to touch them.

         - Benjamin

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