python.exe/Tkinter hang on exit

Howard Lightstone howard at
Wed Sep 5 07:57:04 CEST 2001

About 1 out of 3 times I run my python.exe apps that use Tkinter windows
(Windows98SE), the application becomes a zombie if I close the app using
the x-box to kill the Tkinter window.  If I remember to do it (which
seems to be tough lately), a Ctrl-C in the dos box seems to ALWAYS kill
the app.

It seems the application is hanging on OLESCELOCKMUTEX during
termination, thus leaving a zombie task (which...typically... means I
cannot shut Windows down gracefully, if such a thing were possible).

I am assuming that some win32 thingey is not being called by the Tkinter
task temination logic,  BUT,  using pythonw.exe, termination ALWAYS
works correctly.  (I am using Python 2.0)

Any clues?  I haven't tried to take apart my apps and see which imports
do it
(but Pmw looks like just a wrapper) .


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