Pythonwin and .NET

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Sep 10 18:14:15 CEST 2001

"Maan M. Hamze" <mmhamze at> wrote in message
news:tppgad5nk19q11 at
> The main concern for management is:  this is a free software, so there is
> support for it!
> My answer:  it is not a free software, and, anyway, don't you all use Perl
> for example?  I do not see you complain that it is a 'free software.'  And

There's no dearth of _excellent_ commercial outfits that can sell
you support for Python!  For example, ActiveState, which is likely
to be where you also buy your commercial support for Perl; SecretLabs,
for pure-Python focus; etc, etc.  If somebody's willing to buy,
they can really get their money's worth from any of these outfits --
as well as, I'm sure, from very good freelance consultants that
may have advantages such as being local to your location (for old-time
managers who like to get their support face-to-face rather than
via the net:-).


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