python script plug-in?

Giorgi Lekishvili gleki at
Thu Sep 27 01:41:04 CEST 2001

Could you please tell me where can I get more details on these topics? Any
hints regarding the use of Python Interpreter within? Some manual? Readme?

Meny thanks in advance

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Giorgi Lekishvili wrote:
> >
> > why don't exist a plug-in enabling one to make python scripts? it would
> > be not bad to make also python server pages....
> > Or, does this exist? Is there anybody doing these?
> The Windows distribution (with win32all I suppose) can be used within
> Internet Explorer for Active Scripting, which sounds equivalent to
> what you are suggesting as a "plug-in", I think.
> There are many equivalents to "python server pages", including things
> that are far more sophisticated.
> So the answers are "yes", and "yes".
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