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Mon Sep 10 07:17:17 CEST 2001

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Kenneth Tsang <smt at> wrote:
>Hi, I am currently working on an applications that has the following
>criteria, please advice what's the most effective use of the above
>technology, Python is on the list because of the amazing capability, and
>'battery included' features (i think this is the best description)
>a)multiple language support
>b)cross-platform support
>c)ease of deployment - as it has to be used in different countries
>d)short development time
>Could someone advice the best architecture of using Python, 'cos it seems to
>be one of the best choice here.

I have used Jython and Swing for a bioinformatics GUI that's got about
6,000 lines of code & I'm quite happy with my choice.  Installation is
dead easy -- it's down to a single .jar file -- and most people have a
compatible JVM installed.

You can check out the program at


n.b. 6000 lines of Jython code =~ 10,000 lines of Java code.

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