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Sat Sep 1 06:16:28 CEST 2001

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> [gcash]
> > I know this is being pedantic, but where's the syntactical spec for
> > documentation strings in the language reference?
> I don't think there is one!  They're ordinary string literals, of course,
> and must be the first non-blank non-comment statement at the top of a
> module, or following a class or def stmt.
> > I was looking at the 2.1.1 docs and I'd expect it to be in "4.1 Code
> > blocks, execution frames, and namespaces"
> I sure wouldn't expect it there.  Maybe that's the problem -- nobody can
> figure out where to put it <wink>.

Maybe it belongs in a section with the rest of the "magic" names?
2.1.8 in the Python Library Reference springs to mind (at least, it
did when I looked in the table of contents). Currently,
they're scattered around the documentation, and are incredibly hard to find
unless you trip over them while browsing, and happen to remember where
they are.

John Roth.

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