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Sun Sep 23 22:39:28 CEST 2001

Dear Sir,
I found your e-mail address on the net. I see Your activity is related with software development. 
I hope you are interested in experienced software developers. I am currently seeking work.
If you have a site where I should fill a form, please, reply me, so that I will go there and fill that form.
Below is my resume. If in your consideration I can be usefull for you, please call me or send me a message.

Thank you.

Name:		Ghenadie Plingau			
Tel: 		+386 31 710 519 ; +373 2 292976
Email: 		ghenadiep at; pghena at	
Language:	English, French

IT experience: 	5+ Years

Knowledge’s summary and basic concepts:

-  Component based design concepts
-  Object oriented thinking
-  Windows applications development experience
-  Microsoft development technologies stickler
-  database designing and SQL transactions experience
-  Web UI orientation

Good knowledges of Delphi/VCL, C++/COM/ATL, Win32 API, ADO, ODBC, XML, HTTP.

Programming tools experience: Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland C++/Delphi
Databases: MS SQLServer, Oracle, Sybase, Access

* 1989-1991 Mathematical Lyceum "C.Negruzzi", Iasi, Romania, BSc in Mathematics
* 1994-1999 Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Banking & SE

Career Summary

Project:	RISP-SQL
Time:		Dec.2000-
Organization:	E.R.S. Rokada Inzeniring d.o.o. Ljubljana, Slovenia (rokada at
Position:       Software developer
Tools:  	Delphi, Visual C++, SQL Server 2000
Description: Developing a database application for SQL Server 2000 using 
Delphi, COM/OLE for internal data interchanging between modules, VCL and 
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite for UI. Developed multithread applications, wrote 
recursive stored procedures and extended procedures for SQL Server, ActiveX 
components for AutoCAD and MS Office automation. Got experience in analyzing 
database performance, records fetching, SQL coding, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Modeling.
Especially focuses on developing data aware components and implementing new features in existed components by adding new properties and events. Created both data aware and non data aware components for performing direct lookup on server by runtime generation of SQL statement and sending them to the server during the information input, that allows only input of names and codes that exists in database directory table. 
Created an application wizard for automatic upgrading of the structure of target database based on an template script with the condition of keeping the data in the target database using SQL DMO.
Created Report designer based on Quick Report libraries that allows runtime customization of report items and bands and storing all settings in an XML file. Designer looks similar like Delphi form designer.
Created runtime assembler of application menu out of an XML file that stores GUID and interface method number of each menu item command. Interface is unique and supported by all COM objects.
Managing source code using MS Source Safe and created batch files for automating building process and creation of installation kit.
Developed modules for Web deployment of reports, dynamical generation of http for web pages. 

Project:        e-tools
Time:   	May 2000 - Sep 2000
Organization: 	Edifecs Commerce Inc, Seattle, USA (joed at
Position:       Independent Contractor
Tools:  	MS Visual C++, WinCVS
Description: Developed server side and implemented user interfaces of a 
component, part of an application designed for business process modeling 
based on EDI standards. Designed and developed a search engine that seeks in 
a special formated file that contain EDI standards. Search results are displayed in a 
tree on the UI or saved in XML format.  Designed classes and protocols of 
data interchanging between them. Worked with linked lists, binary trees, STL 
containers, templates. Got experience in designing object classes for well 
encapsulated objects, implementing recursive member functions. Analyzed performance, performed unit tests.

Project:	SQL-Buch
Time:   	Feb 1999 - May 2000
Organization: 	Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova (perju at
Position:       Software Design Lead
Task:   	Provided technical leadership to a team of developers, developing software for business and financial accounting.
Tools:  	MS Visual C++, MFC, Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL Server, Sybase SQL, 
Description: Was responsible for planning and scheduling technical 
assignments and goals, defining and analyzing requirements, training, and 
contributing in performance reviews. Administrated and designed relational databases, wrote SQL code for transactions,  
implemented User Interfaces, developed multi-tied database applications. Got experience in API level Windows programming. 
Gained excellent skills in working with all Visual Studio tools. Created COM-based application servers for providing services 
over a local network and via internet. Created installations kits and CAB files for Web deployment of ActiveX controls.

Project:        A-BANCO
Time:   	Apr 1996 - Feb 1999
Organization: 	«A-BANCO» SRL Chisinau, Moldova
Position:       Programmer
Task:   	Informational support
Tools:	MS Access, Visual Basic, dBase
Description: Developed information system of the company including book 
keeping, production control and resource management. Worked jointly with 
book-keepers, solving their needs and requirements. Designed databases, 
developed application for MS Access using Access tools, VBA coding and MS 
Office applications automation.
Developed a set of MS Access, VB and Delphi applications, which are able to 
provide any small company from Moldova with the most often used and most 
needed documents and reports, that meet all accounting standards and are able to  
facilitate book-keeping and document management.
Lots of C and Pascal programming under DOS.

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