Proposed PEP for a Conditional Expression

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Thu Sep 13 07:50:50 CEST 2001

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:> > > I agree that the above is backwards.
:> > > <cond> if <expr> else <expr>
:> >
:> > No! That sounds way too much like Forth!
:> It is exactly like C, whose ? : equivalent is the impetus for the
:> proposed change.
:> Of course, if you don't like the form of C's conditional expressions,
:> you won't like its translation into Python.

: C's syntax doesn't overload an already existing keyword, and is therefore
: arguably clearer.  None of the proposed keyword-overloading syntaxes mesh
: well with list comprehensions.

C syntax does overload the already heavily used colon.  Perhaps it
would be better to use semicolon instead of colon.

Tom Payne

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