GUI frontend IPC question

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Mon Sep 17 21:32:12 CEST 2001

On Monday 17 September 2001 13:08, Campbell wrote:

> I have an app servicing up to 120 'clients' at one time.  I would like
> to make a gui which will display current status of each of the ports
> (idle, active), and some other information.
> I originally made this gui a part of the server .py file, but wxPython
> takes a chunk of time out of my 'wait for event' loop (while it
> processes windows events), which then cannot respond to incoming events
> fast enough.  Creating the GUI as another application is easy, but how
> will the front end know what the state of the actual application is?

Since you are servicing '120 clients', I'm guessing you already know how to 
use Python sockets.  Why not use that for IPC?  Just set up a thread in your 
server that monitors the status of your ports and dumps the info (pickled or 
marshalled) onto a specified port for the gui app to read.

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